I came in contact with iaido in, I believe, 2005. From that day I started to train, learn and develop my iai.
Already from the beginning it became clear to me that iaido could help me more then the other budo I have been practising in my life.

Now, after almost 12 years I went through some interesting ups and downs with iai.
This is a blog about my adventures in training iaido. Not so much to write about iaido in general but more to write down my experiences and the ideas I come across in training, thinking or other ways….
Please don’t see my writing as a reference guide on iaido. This is not my intention and everything I write might be absolutely the opposite for you.
These are personal experience that might change after time.

If you feel that something I wrote is wrong or should be reconsidered, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I decided to make it a public diary for it might be that other iaidoka’s might find it helpful, amusing or just fun to read about the ups and down of another iaidoka.

I hope you will enjoy.



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