It has been 2 weeks since my last post about preparing for the Ishido Cup.
During that time I did quit some research on a variety of technical details in my performance. I did get some great feedback from different sources that where all very valuable. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Here is a little list of the main things that I put my focus on:

01. Improving the overal tenouchi and especially in Morote Tsuki in combination with saya banare.
02. Getting a better feel on the concept of ma (timing) and ma’ai (distances).
Increasing the natural flow in every kata.
04. Connected to point nr. 01 also developing zanshin. (Here mostly meant in the sense of increasing the comfort in the kata while focusing on a better motion of tenouchi)

There is an improvement in my performance and that makes me happy to see. In today’s training I could see the slight improvement of tenouchi and the was a good comfort (calmness) in the kata. Also I could see an improvement considering the ma and ma’ai although this still needs some good attention.
nevertheless I need to keep the focus on all these pointers. A slight improvement doesn’t make it a second nature.

Two more weeks to go.
Ishido Cup will be another wonderful opportunity to wake up my Inner Coach


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