Four hours of intensive iaido organized by Ren Bu Kan in Eindhoven.

It was intense indeed đŸ™‚ but very worthwhile.  For the whole four hours we repeated only the seitei. Sandan and higher should also ad two koryu kata. 

I lost count on how many times I was able to repeat the whole serie (probibly I didn’t reach the 100) but it was truely an interesting and very educational experience. 

It started a bit slow. Although I don’t hold these things as excuses…I had a bad night sleep because my throat started to hurt as if a cold was introducing itself. 

The focus was hard to find in the beginning but it was slowly getting stronger. My body seemed to not be in harmony with my wishes and all the movements (kata) felt like physical obsticals. All the previous mentioned improvements seemed to be far away. Only after the first one and a half hour the flow started to come and I could feel the kata again. During the following last two hours this flow was steady. 

I was in luck to receive some very good feedback from Andre Schiebroek Sensei:

01. Tsuka ate:   I should pay attention to my left foot while making the thrust. I tended to move my left foot more than 90 degrees. 

02.  Kesa giri:   I don’t think Andre saw me perform this kata otherwise he would have said something about it. Still this kata is a mystery for me. The two cuts over the kesa (line) should be natural and vluently but for me it remains a struggle to do so. 

Same with soetsuki. Allthough this kata ‘felt’ better today it still needs attention. 

So giri:   This kata got some attention. As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted to get the first cut more smooth coming out the uge nagashi. Again I focused on this issue and with the help of Andre Schiebroek Sensei I could see the actual points of improvement. 

But the most significant feedback I received was general valid for all kata. Which means for the whole iaido. Gnagna. 

01.   The blade should stay flat for as long as two third is inserted. Only than one should start turning the saya back into starting position. 

02.   Keep my head up and fixed. That is, not cramping up but keep the upper back and attached head in a proper upright position. I tend to lower my head a bit when looking doen at my freshly conquered opponent. 

I am very greatful for being able to attend this seminar. It is really an enormous benefit to get feedback from as many people possible to keep one’s iai awake. 

Thank you so much. 


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