Boken making

I couldn’t resist………

just as I am making a custom saya I enjoy to just make different kind of boken.
Not that I am unhappy with the original one made in Japan. Absolutely not! They are great.
But, because I love to create, need to create, I enjoy it very much to make things myself and to see if I can do it.
I learn a lot this way and it gives the great benefit to make something that, when it is fit to use, feels so much better then something you paid for. It’s about making a true connection with the stuff that you’re handling.

So, her you will be able to follow my making of a boken.
I used for this one a tropical hard wood…no idea though which kind…doesn’t matter for now..
I’m more curious how it will respond to the use of a boken……

We will see…


27 februari 2014.
the first shape is made. bit of sawing
but most if it done with the chisel…

foto 1

01 march 2014.
Did some more work yesterday. The shape is now more defined.

foto 2

A great tool to work with is the scraping plane.
you can make long smooth surfaces while being limited in making mistakes.

foto 3

the back of the boken is done with a wood rasp because a
scraping plane can’t make things hollow 🙂


It starting to look like something….

foto 5

Did some more work on the boken today.
Basically with using the scraping plane to flatten the
sides and rasping to get the more fine details.


foto 6

A nice look at the front side 🙂

foto 1

After that I worked a bit on the back side.
I made a mark to determine the mid section of the
boken so I wouldn’t go scraping off to much.

foto 3

But, with a good rasp you can go long way….
It is starting to have a look 🙂


07 March 2014
Not a very great shot but today I finished with the rough stuff.
The tsuka has a nice shape….
All that is left is the fine filing and make it smooth with sandpaper..

more next time….


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